UST: Chiquitos (Updated)

The UST car park where fastfood and food stalls are located cannot accomodate all of their students, especially during lunch time. There are a lot of deli and affordable food finds around UST. One of them is Chiquitos. 

Chiquitos is best known for their Buffalo Strips. Some of my friends said that it's addicting and some of them said "sakto lang". The meal costs only 50Php before but now it's 55Php. It consists of 6 Buffalo Strips drizzled with your choice of sauce (garlic, white sauce or mixed), plain rice (extra rice costs only 5php!), side dish, and a drink.

Buffalo Strips with white sauce, currently I prefer mixed sauce. Sweet with a touch of spice! Because they updated their menu, they now call their buffalo strips "Hot Chick"

Chicken Strips with white sauce. The strips are thin unlike the buffalo strips. (This dish is removed from their menu and replaced with new and better chicken dish)

They have recently updated their menu. Today, they serve bigger strips of chicken and different kinds of sauce. As a "suki" and food lover, every time I dine at Chiquitos, I try their new dish.

Soy Chicken or In-Chick

This is Chiquitos newest meal. It tastes like Bon Chon chicken, seriously. But I still prefer their best-selling buffalo strips. This is my second favorite after buffalo strips :)

Chick Next Door

Chicken strips drizzled with cheese sauce. The chicken strips are cooked similarly. The sauce of this chicken is somewhat "nakakaumay". Maybe because of the cheese overload. I'm a cheese lover but this one doesn't complement the rice.

When I was a frosh in UST, I didn't want to eat anywhere. All I trusted was KFC and McDonald's. But I got tired of eating at fastfood restaurants. That's when my blockmates and I roamed around UST to find cheap and yummy food! Chiquitos is our favorite until now. If you haven't tried it yet, you're missing one of the best meals around UST!

Asturias Street, Dapitan Area near UST
It's a small stall with a blue shade :)

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