Zoobic Safari Tour | Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines

Zoobic Safari is one of the major attractions in Subic next to Ocean Adventure and TreeTop Adventure. Once you enter the Subic Freeport Zone, it will be easy for you to find it since there are a lot of signs leading to Zoobic. The zoo boasts different kinds of animals coming from different parts of the world. Some of the tigers were even donated by a princess from the Middle East. My favourite part from the tour is the Tiger Safari Ride although it lasted only for less than ten minutes. The photo op with the white tiger named "Icy" is also one of the highlights of our Zoobic Adventure.

You will be needing a ticket to enter Zoobic Safari. Here's an updated price of the tour packages. We availed the "Entrance with Tram Ride". The tram ride is essential for you to be able to tour all the attractions inside Zoobic. Using of private car is also allowed but I think it would be more complicated plus you might miss some attractions. I wish we availed the White Package which includes both Tiger Safari ride and the new Lion Safari Ride.

Upon entering the park, zoobic's souvenir shop immediately caught my attention. I went inside and was awed by the super cute animal plush toys! I felt like I was in the Disney movie Lion King. While looking around the shop, I saw something familiar. Guess what? A hedgehog plushie!!! Yes in Subic! And he's all alone :( Bry bought it for me right away. #happykiddo

We passed by three souvenir shops all in all. One upon the main entrance, the second one was in Tiger Cafe where Tiger Safari Ride is located and the last one was at the Croco Cafe where the crocodile close encounter is located.

Our next stop was the amazing bird show. I'm not sure if they have other animal shows other than this. The animal show and parade is available only during Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays at 10:30AM, 1:30PM and 3PM. It was truly an amazing experience to watch the talented birds. Old or young, you'll surely learn something from this show. There were a lot of facts, entertainment and a parade of the different kinds of bird from ducks to ostrich. We witnessed a talking and dancing parrot, birds that played basketball and a whole lot more!

Buho Grill is the only restaurant inside Zoobic Safari that serves rice meals. They have an air conditioned room and an open dining area. Two thumbs up for the great tasting grilled meat. We ordered from their set meals which includes a soup, drink, rice meal and dessert. If you're four or more, you can go for the boodle style menu which is great for sharing.

Chicken BBQ and Porkchop BBQ Set Meal
Photo with a tiger is available from 9AM-3PM exception when the tiger is not in good condition. Luckily we had a photo with the unique white tiger named "ICY". You can also have a photo with a cub only if it's available. I was scared at first and thought ICY might eat me but all tigers were trained and I don't think they're carnivores. They drink milk for their meals. Yup, diet! haha!

This copy below was from my own camera. They will also give you a printed one which is included in the price that you paid.

Php240-2 persons (4x6)
Php390-3 to 4 persons (6x9)
Php540-maximum of 6 persons (A4)

We went inside the serpentarium which had a lot of snakes and other reptiles enclosed in a glass. I hope one photo is enough since I can't even look at it. Err

Touring the zoobic park would take you 30-40 minutes walk. Some animals cannot be found in other zoos here in the Philippines. Some of them are the lions, camels, deers, the unique horse and all sorts of birds.

Short but extremely fun! I never thought I would be that up close with a tiger. I saw it eat a whole chicken. By the way, one whole chicken costs Php200 but the tour guide will split it depends on how many groups are you in one jeep. In our case, we were four in one jeep so we only paid Php50. Did you know that a tiger's tongue is so rough it can lick off a paint in a building? Cool huh?

Enjoy the savannah from the tram ride. It's simply a street with some animals doing whatever they want. Stopping is not allowed. Be careful, animals crossing. ;)


Zoobic tries to preserve even the people who lived here long before Zoobic Safari was created. It's amazing how their culture is still so alive. The two ethnic people impersonated the dragonflies and monkeys through dancing. Don't forget to leave a tip for these talented people! :)

Also one of the most fun attraction inside Zoobic. Take the chance to feed the crocodiles by buying a part of the chicken which only costs Php50. It is attached in a wood which looks like a rod. Be amazed on how fast and focused these statue-like animals can be. We teased them with the chicken and boy...they were all ready to fight for that small piece of meat. 

As you can see, we're all so haggard. haha! But it's all worth it. After all the long walks, we were so happy to find this store which sells cold melon and coconut juice. Ahhhhh! This ends our amazing two and half hours Zoobic Safari tour. 

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