Rowena's Cafe, Tagaytay

Buko Pie is one of Tagaytay's special delicacies. If you will notice, there are a lot of pasalubong shops along the high way, especially Colette's, other shops available are The Original Buko Pie, Rowena's and Loumars. I've read somewhere that Colette's pasalubong shop has a branch here in Manila so I didn't bother to try their buko pie. I've heard great feedbacks about Loumars too but we couldn't find it right away, we found it on our way home though. The Original Buko Pie seemed interesting too but it was farther than Rowena's Cafe which was just located beside Bag of Beans where we had brunch. So, we opted to try Rowena's buko pie since it's the most accessible shop from our location and I've also read some reviews saying that it's a Must Try!

The cafe has a dining area and a portion where pasalubongs are displayed.

This is the pasalubong area. You can find almost all kinds of pasalubong here such as jams, nuts, tarts and more!

A fridge that contains tarts and pies is located in front of the cashier. Too bad their buko pie was already sold out when we arrived so we decided to get their buko tart instead. They offer different flavors of tart such as Ube, Blueberry Cheese, Strawberry Cheese Tart <-Amazing! Tastes like strawberry cheese cake except it's a tart. Buko Tart and more!

We bought two boxes of their Buko Tart. One box contains 9 tarts for only Php190. I also bought one box of their Strawberry Cheese Tart. One box contains 6 pieces of tarts and is worth Php180. Lastly, a box (12 pcs.) of Rowena's Special Espasol for Php120.

You won't regret buying their buko tart! It's not too sweet plus you can really taste that it's freshly baked. Yumm! MUST TRY!

Hands down to these heavenly Strawberry Cheese Tarts! MUST TRY!

Rowena's Espasol was good too! It's not too messy to eat because of the cupcake-like folds. But I'd rather spend my money trying their other flavored tarts next time rather than buying espasol. hehe! :)

Rowena's Cafe is a Must Try indeed. Perfect for pasalubongs! I'm looking forward to try their dishes soon! I can't compare Rowena's from other pasalubong shops around Tagaytay because I haven't tried them yet. So, Rowena's Cafe in Tagaytay is the number one pasalubong shop on my list for now. :)

Official Website: Rowena's Cafe
Facebook: Rowena's Cafe


  1. The strawberry cheese tart looks good! Thanks for sharing! Now I know where to get pasalubong next time I go to Tagaytay. I always opt for Colette's since that's the only pasalubong place I know.

    1. Hi Regina! My should definitely try Rowena's pasalubongs :) Btw, how's the pasalubongs from Colette's? Any recommendation? so I know what to get next time I visit Tagaytay hehe

  2. Loumar's, in my opinion, has the best buko pie/tart in Tagaytay. You should give it a try :)

    1. Will surely do on my next visit! Thanks for the tip :)