Yummy Food Find: Magnum Gold, Yay or Nay?

Magnum Gold is on sale right now! The original price is Php55 each but you can buy two pieces for only Php100. Why is that? Is it not worth the money? Didn't the ice cream lovers like it? Hmm...let me try.

I was surprised when I opened the packaging. I have no idea of what Magnum Gold looks like because I haven't seen any advertisement about it. 

Me: "Oh! wow! It's Gold"
Bry: "It's actually yellow"

Usually, when Magnum releases a new flavor, it really is a new flavor. But this one was just like a classic Magnum. Vanilla ice cream dipped in a belgium chocolate. The only difference was it was dipped for the second time in a yellow colored something.

For me, it's still a yay! I don't find anything bad for it to be nay. It's still good. The same as the Magnum ice cream we first loved except this time, the outside looks more appealing! I'd love to have a photo wearing bright colored clothes while holding this Magnum Gold! Very Summer-ish!

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