Mabuhay Germany 2014 at BGC

Mabuhay Germany 2014 was held last February 22-23 at Bonifacio High Street. It's a celebration of the 60 years of friendship between the Philippines and Germany. BHS was filled with booths of different companies under the German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce, offering fun filled activities. We joined some of them and won prizes! There were also food booths that offer mostly sausages and German alcoholic beverages. The tables near the concert ground was for the VIP. There was even sing and dance numbers from different high schools to entertain our German friends. Here are some of the photos from the event.

Continental booth

Banco De Oro- BDO was the most fun booth offering 3 kinds of games.


Man Company

Germany Embassy Booth

Illig Maschinenbau GMBH Booth

Friedrich Naumann Foundation Booth

Deutche Motorgate Inc.

Nivea Booth with their soccer game.

DB Shenker

The concert ground

People from German Embassy handled the Cake Booth on the right corner of the entrance of the concert area. Their cakes were delicious!

On the left side entrance of the concert area stands the Booze On-line offering Becks and Paulaner beers.

This is the food tent.

German sausage, bread and pretzel.

The food area was abundant of sausages! Anywhere you look, someone's eating a sausage! This event really did bring the hearts of Filipinos  closer to the German Culture.

My Spicy Hungarian Sausage in rock like bun.

Very refreshing Peach Juice!

Sausage with Sauerkraut and Pretzel

I'm so glad that my friends and I supported this event. We do hope that when we travel and study in Germany this year, this is how things go or even better! It's truly an honor to be friends with the Germans. I hope that the friendship between our countries grow stronger.

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