House of Lasagna |'s #1 Lasagna in Manila

This one's a very late post. But it's better to be late than never. *grins*

I remember reading about House of Lasagna from's "Top 10 Lasaganas". It was number one on the list so when I found a deal online for House of Lasagna, I didn't hesitate to grab it! Who wouldn't grab that opportunity. haha! As if we know someone who doesn't like lasagna. *raised left eyebrow*

We paid only a little more than half of the price of our total bill which was Php1,000 ;) Yay for discount!

It was raining that day and the humidity was so irritating so we decided to dine inside the restaurant. There were actually two branches to choose from, one in San Juan and in V-Mall. We opt for V-mall since we also want to check some things in GH after eating.


So this is their homy interior which screams "classic". The whole place was painted yellow. The lighting was yellow too so whenever I take a photo, it's just all yellowww. These frames below are articles of where their lasagna was featured.






It took 15-20 minutes for our orders to get completed. Doublie muna :)


Unlimited complementary bread


Their signature bubble iced tea (Php55/each)


Southern Fried Chicken (Php65/pc) - I looove their chicken! The meat was so tender and tasty. Didn't bother to try the crispy looking skin since I don't eat one.


Here's the star, Beef Lasagna! (Php250) - Tasty, siksik, hugeeee serving, cheesy, everything you want! It really deserves its title to be the best lasagna in Manila.



Also their best seller, Chicken Lasagna (Php250) - They look quite similar yes? Similarly delicious too!



I know what you're thinking. "How the hell do they make space for dessert after two huge lasagnas and four pieces of southern fried chicken?!" We took a break! We stopped eating for about 15 minutes? and just let all that goodness digest. haha! 

Then we ordered their Blueberry Cheesecake! (Php110) - Soft, the crust was perfectly done, the blueberries were fat and it's just so good!


These are our very satisfied faces!!! :) :) <3 (we can't breathe anymore)


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