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So today is May 1 and we're celebrating a national holiday called Labor Day. No work, no classes, no internship! :) Most people celebrate this day going to Boracay that's why it's called LaBoracay. My family and I just stayed at home and we decided to have dinner out since my mom and brother is craving for Crispy Pata. I remembered Mesa right away. My last visit in Mesa was only a month ago so the memory of their tender crispy pata was still fresh ;)

We visited their branch in Tomas Morato. There weren't many customers yet when we arrived. The interior is Filipino themed yet modern. The designs of the chairs, mirrors and lighting frames were made from bamboo which gave a strong Asian feel. I just love the atmosphere inside Mesa especially when they play hotel-ish soundtracks.






Meet my brother and lovely mom :)


Baked Tahong with Cheese (Php290) - Oh my gosh! Have mentioned that this is one of my favorite dish since forever? Yup! Mesa's baked tahong is covered with so much cheese! We loved it!


Baby Squid in Olive Oil seasoned with Garlic and Laurel (Php310) - This one's a yumyum too but I was kind of surprised with the small serving. 


Sinigang na Salmon Head (Php260) - Overpowering and that's why I liked it. I love maasim na sabaw (sour soup). Would appreciate if the sinigang is not salmon "head" only but also includes salmon belly part. The serving was more than enough for the four of us tho.


Their best selling Crispy Boneless Pata (Php505) - This is what we've been waiting for. Nothing has changed with the taste. Still Oh-so-good! Tender on the inside, crispy on the outside! Yum!


Plain Rice (Php40) - Smells so good! Perfectly cooked.



Leche Flan (Php50) - My mom loved it. My brother said it was too sweet. I don't appreciate it since "Im on a diet" ;)


Turon with Mango Ice Cream (Php65) - Now this one's a healthier option. Whut? Well it's banana except it's fried. haha! The ice cream's flavored Mango. It's a fruit so it's healthy? *grins* Anyhow, we loved this dessert more than the leche flan. Perfect to end our modern Filipino meal.

Over all, our dining experience in Mesa was good. The prices won't break you heart, I mean pocket. The place really expresses modern Filipino ambiance. We totally recommend Mesa if you're craving for Filipino cuisine. Place is nice, price is affordable, service is ehhh so so. Servers weren't that attentive though they were helpful. Still, we'll surely come back! :)

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By Kristel Valino

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