Finally! 8 Cuts Burger Blends at UP Town Center

We've always wanted to try the talked about burgers of 8 Cuts Burger Blends but something always came up whenever we plan to pay a visit. Finally, last tuesday, Bry and I had the opportunity to visit 8 Cuts in UP Town Center. I've already seen photos of their burgers from my friends' instagram accounts and it always makes me drool. I can't wait to get my hands on those yummy looking burgers. I just hope they taste as great as they looked in photos.

The place looked so busy. There were a lot of customers seated and eating their burgers when we arrived. I think kids would love this place. With the unique wall decors such as that different shaped knives combined to form the number "8", one would surely say "Cool!"

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The process when making your own burger. Build, Griddle, Press then Grind.

I was confused on what to choose on their menu. One thing's for sure though, I didn't want to make my own burger. I wanted to try something from the Tributes Burgers since it's my first time, just to see how good their best sellers taste. So, I asked our server their best selling from the Tributes Burger and he named three; Piggy, Q-Daddy and Rising Shroom. I studied carefully the content of each burger and found that Piggy best suited my taste.

We started with a classic skinny fries with a twist of BBQ Jalapeno and Mozarella Cheese on top (Php135). 

Piggy - "A quarter pounder of Beef Bomb Blend patty of the chuck and short rib with mozzarella, fried bacon strips, house made bacon jam, lollo rosa, tomatoes, garlic aioli all on a sesame seed bun." 

Piggy Burger (Php245) - Honestly speaking, I was expecting a bigger burger. Then I told myself, maybe it's not about the size. I took a bite and the hint of sweetness from the burger patty was the first thing that tickled my taste buds. The bacon strip was crispy. The mozzarella cheese complemented the sweetness of the patty. I pulled everything together and broke a record of eating a burger in a very short span of time. 

The Q-Daddy - "A quarter pounder ox blend patty of flank, oxtail and rib eye with yellow cheddar, onion tangles, crisp bacon strips, iceberg lettuce, tomato, jalapeno ranch and sweetly spiced bbq sauce all on a sesame seed bun"

Q-Daddy Burger - This was Bry's order. I was also eyeing on this on the menu when he suddenly announced "I'm having the Q-Daddy". I was like "Aw shucks, I should've said dibs" It wasn't really a big deal since we share everything we order. I had a taste of his burger and found that the ox blend patty tasted like it came from a garden bbq because of the smoky flavour. The burger didn't look its best when served on our table. With so many amazing ingredients, this burger certainly got crazy! Bry finished it just few minutes after I had finished mine. I wondered if the servers noticed our very fast dining. 

Bry and I don't usually leave a restaurant without having a dessert. We were hoping to try their  Blueberry Cheesecake Dig Deep Dessert. A blueberry cheesecake stuffed in a jar. Unfortunately, it wasn't available. Our second choice was their best seller---Molten Chocolate Bottoms, although we're not fan of chocolate desserts (except for lava cakes). Our server checked if the Molten Chocolate was available. He went back to us with the news "Ma'am/Sir we also dont have molten chocolate we only have the blah blah blah" I didn't understand what he was saying anymore. I thought "What?!?! All our sweet treat. What a bitter ending..."

Over all, our dining experience in 8 Cuts burger Blends was fun (except for the dessert part) and fulfilling but not quite so (because of the dessert part). Fulfilling because with so many attempts to visit the place, we finally did. Everything was okay (except for the dessert part). The servers were attentive and helpful, the food quality was good for its price, it may look smaller compared to other burgers around Manila but it's something worth trying. It's not your usual burger. Certainly not your usual patty. Go try it if you haven't yet. If it's your first time and you like your burger a bit sweet, I suggest the Piggy Burger. But if you want a "manly" burger that tastes like it just got off the grill, go for the Q-Daddy. Don't forget to savour every bite, trust me on this. Also, don't forget to tell me how their blueberry cheesecake tastes :(

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