A Taste of Dulcelin Gourmet's Famous Mango Torte

Mochaccino (Php95)

Mango Torte - Php140/slice, Php750/9 inches, Php1100/12 inches

If you've read my post about 8 Cuts Burger Blends, you probably know how sad I am because of the dessert part. So Bry and I decided to finish our dinner at Dulcelin Courmet which is just beside 8 Cuts. He ordered a Mochaccino first since it's already late and he needs some caffeine to keep him awake while driving. We ordered one slice of Mango Torte and shared. 

The Mango Torte was surprisingly unique. I was expecting it to be like a mango pie/cake. haha! I forgot it's a torte. I loved the sweet nuts crust. The mango wasn't sour and tasted like dried mangoes except it's not dried but slightly frozen. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be frozen since I've seen some photos from other bloggers, their mangoes in their mango torte seemed fresh and fluffy. :( 

This is good to serve as dessert in family gatherings.  If you want something unique and healthier, go try it! But it's something I'm not sure everyone would love. Like what I've said, it's unique. 

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