Estrel's Caramel Cake For My Mom's Birthday

It's our first time to buy Estrel's Caramel Cake since it's only today that my mom gets to spend her birthday here in Manila. Usually, she celebrates her birthday in our province in Nueva Ecija. My dad, my brother and I always celebrate our birthdays in Saudi Arabia. So yes, my mom gets the privilege to have a variety of cake choices since there are only few bakeshops in Nueva Ecija. I've tasted Estrel's Caramel Cake few times already from my friends' parties but it's my first time to buy one for our family.

How I ordered:
1. Checked out Estrel's Price List
2. I called one of these numbers (372-2965, 371-7938)
3. Ordered Estrel's 8 inches Round Cake 
Note: Call in advance, especially during special occasions since they easily get fully booked.

Things to tell:

  • Design: Order #12 (Designs can be found on
  • Flowers: Violet, pink and yellow
  • Date and time to be picked up
4. Deposit 50% or Full Payment to Estrel's Account. (They will tell you the account number on the phone)
5. Pick up on the said date and time. Bring a copy of your deposit slip for confirmation.

I handed a slice of cake to my uncle but he said 

"Ayoko, busog pa ako" (I don't like, I'm still full). 

So I handed it to my aunt. We started eating the cake and my aunt said 

"Ang sarap! Anong cake 'to? Ano pangalan? Daddy try mo" (Delicious! What cake is this? What's the name? Daddy try it) he said to my uncle.

My uncle suddenly had a space in his tummy and got his own slice of Estrel's Caramel Cake. =))

Our verdict, everybody loved it!!! Especially my mom and my aunt. They said it wasn't too sweet and not that expensive for the outstanding quality and taste. Hi Estrel's! Guess you just earned another loyal customer. 

I gave a copy of Estrel's brochure to my aunt if ever they decide to order from Estrel's yummy caramel cakes. About picking up the cake, the place can easily be found. It's exactly in Scout Tobias corner Scout Fernandez. When my brother and I entered the place, everyone was smiling and greeted us. They asked my name and brought out the cake and showed it to me. They asked me to write the message in a small piece of paper and few minutes later Voila! Here's our Estrel's round cake! Time to bring this sweetness home.

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