Shawarma Guys at The Fort Strip

My friends and I are sometimes on a budget. Yeah, sometimes we splurge and sometimes we're broke. After attending the Mabuhay Germany event and spending our bucks on sausages and imported beers, we had no choice but to have a dinner in a budget friendly restaurant inside BGC. Then, we found Shawarma Guys! It is by far the cheapest eat I've had in BGC. With just Php99, you can already have a Mediterranean meal. 

When we went inside, we were the only customers. Well, there were few ladies but they weren't dining. They were getting ready for some sort of event I guess. The interior was more like a fast food restaurant with colors of red and yellow.

Shawarma Guys' actual menu.

Hot sauce and garlic sauce.

Beef and Chicken Kebab Combo with grilled tomato (Php179)

Here's a closer look. This was my friend's order. I tasted the kebabs and they're good! But for a hungry person, Im not sure if one order is enough. 

This is my Chicken Shawarma Rice (Php119) There were more veggies underneath than the chicken shawarma. I really love their basmati rice! It reminds me of Saudi Arabia's kabsa. The chicken was remarkable as well. One problem though, small serving :(

All Meat Shawarma Rice (Php159) Beef, Chicken and Lamb chops served with buttered basmati rice. The meat variants were tasty but then again, small serving.

Regular iced tea for Php30.

Go dine in Shawarma Guys if you're really caught on a tight budget around BGC. Don't expect generous serving though. You just get what you paid for. Their shawarma looks small too but based from my shawarma rice and their garlic sauce, it would be a yummy wrap. I'll surely try their shawarma on my next visit. Taste wise, their kebabs and chicken meat were tasty and juicy plus the place doesn't easily get crowded, as you can see. :)

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