Cooking101: New York Style Buffalo Wings

Guess what? I can now cook a comfort food aside from egg and hotdog! Buffalo Wings! I'm serious. It's as easy as making an omelette. The easiest part? you only need three things.

1. 500g of chicken/buffalo wings (I prefer chicken wings since it has more meat hehe!)
2. Blue Cheese/Ranch Dressing (Your choice!)
3. McCormick's Classic Buffalo Wings Mix (Yup! This is the short cut)

Inside the pack of seasoning mix, you can find all the information that you need in order to make the classic buffalo wings. First coat the chicken wings then fry, afterwards, put in a plastic ware, pour the buffalo wings sauce! That's it! Btw, one pack plus 500g of chicken wing is only good for 2 hungry people. It's so yummy you can't get enough! This is one of the moments where I wish being selfish was a good thing.

Here's a before and after (less than 10mins.) photo. Ate Bibing and I had 2 pcs. while Bry...had...3.

Thank you for reading! Do this when you have some friends over. They'll bow down to you plus they won't know! ;) Just throw the pack right away after using. hahaha!

PS. I bought my McCormick buffalo mix at SM Supermarket. I'm sure you can find one in any supermarket especially SM's. Good luck!

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