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Few weeks ago, Abby and I had a sumptuous dinner at Gali Village Cafe together with the other food bloggers. It was a thursday so the traffic was not that heavy. We arrived earlier than the meeting time which was 6pm. There was already a long table prepared for us. This is what I love about blogging, you get to meet new friends not only online but also in person. After waiting for everyone, the highlight of the night began.
Galli Village cafe has two branches. The main branch is located in Makati and the other one is Quezon City. The branch in Quezon City is quite small and can only accommodate more or less ten people while their main branch can accommodate twenty five to fifty people. The main branch is located in front Sacred Heart Church so family time and private events are usually held in this home-like cafe.

When I entered the cafe, it felt more of a home rather than a restaurant. The interior was cozy, full of warm colors, unique wall arts and what I loved the most, books. The map hanged on the wall caught my eyes too. Some wall arts represent the origin of each dish which made diners understand what Galli Village Cafe is all about.

There were a lot of interesting books displayed inside the restaurant. See what I'm talking about? ;)

You can also dine alfresco. But during night time, the lighting outside was not as good as the inside. Although the fresh air together with good food would perfectly complete your dining experience.

We had the house's specialty first. The Paella Valenciana (Php545). What I liked about their paella is that they really took time and effort to cook the dish using only fresh and new ingredients. A visit in Galli Village Cafe is incomplete without the Paella. It truly deserves its title 'House Specialty'. I'm already planning to bring my mom here when they arrive. I'm sure she'll love it!

Tuna Salpicao (Php210) This dish was my favorite next to Paella. I love love love tuna and this Tuna Salpicao caught my heart. The seasonings were put together perfectly creating this mouthwatering dish.

Shrimp Gambas (Php210) You can feel the freshness of the shrimps. One word-tasty!

Pork with Raisin Sauce (Php180) I grew up eating Chinese Cuisine so the taste of the pork with raisin sauce was not new to me. It was sweet, just like the adobo ordered in Chinese restaurants. Similarly, it's always a crowd's favorite.

Lengua Con Setas (Php185). I'm not really a fan of lengua but when I tasted this, it removed my 'fear' away. It was good and doesn't taste anything foreign. haha! The tenderness was actually like pork's.

Angus Beef Tapa (Php190) when this dish arrived, I wished it's only the beginning of the day. Angus Beef Tapa+egg+rice=Perfect breakfast! Totally the best option to jumpstart your day.

Beef Salpicao (Php210) This dish reminded me of my mom's cooking. The taste was somehow similar to my mom's beef steak which made me love this dish.

Leche Flan (35) Their best selling dessert. Not too sweet! Just perfect to end your meal.

Sparkling Lemonade (Php45)

Four Seasons (Php45)

My friend Abby :)

The foodies :)

Overall, the place, the food and the service was really good. Perfect for families and friends who are looking for a place to have quality time. The food was superb yet kept in an affordable price. You get more than what you pay for! Will surely come back, with my family this time. <3

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