Nolita at Bonifacio High Street

I know, I know! My photos suck :( Anyway, after attending a school event in Makati, my classmates and I decided to have dinner at Nolita. Our friend Abby, who's a foodie, recommended it to us. She told us that their pizzas were really good. Who doesn't love pizza? We said 'yes' right away. I was dying to try certain flavors from their menu, too bad all of my choices were not available. So, I picked from the pizzas already displayed during that night.

Nolita is a self-service type of restaurant. Condiments are available in the counter, so as water. Upon entering the artistic restaurant, you will see wooden tables and chairs and pixel like walls. If you want a 'chill' vibe, you can enjoy your pizza and drink al fresco.

Regular Cheese, Pesto Grilled Chicken, Buffalo Chicken and Sausage Mushroom and Pepperoni were the flavors available that time.

Nolita also offers imported beers.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza (Php250) My friends ordered this and they were surprised on how spicy it was.

My spicy but yummy Sausage Mushroom & Pepperoni Pizza (Php250).

Bruin Slaapmutske and Cocktails. Drinks range from Php100-Php200.

Will I go back to Nolita? Definitely yes! Even though my friends find their pizza spicy, I loved it! It was meant for me. The slice was New York sized, enormous and guaranteed to fill you up. What I love about their pizzas were the bountiful toppings and variety of flavors. Each bite will surely give you delight! The price was not usual for one slice though. But hey! we're in BGC and this is no ordinary pizza. Can't wait to try their seafood flavors!

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