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Woke up a year older. Boy, time flies by so fast. I don't really have any plans for my birthday. Just thought of having the usual celebration, dine out with close friends and family. Since I'm not with my family, I had my day shared with my second family--relatives.

I scheduled a lunch date with my best friend and boyfriend at The Wholesome Table located at Bonifacio High Street. I chose this restaurant since I could really feel that I'm getting old and thought it's time to take care of myself and make healthy choices. 

Complementary bread and butter

 Be delicious and Be Beautiful healthy smoothies

Be dreamy smoothie

Crispy Calamari with lemon garlic dip, Nut Free & Dairy Free (Php200)

Kale, Caesar Salad, Vegetarian & Nut Free (Php320)

Graze Land Pizza (Php690)

Gamabaretti Arrabiatta (Php590)

 Meat Loaf (Php580)

I loveeeed their smoothies. It's so delicious and healthy! I know what you're thinking. Our orders do not look very healthy at all, don't they? But they are! Everything's organic and made with fresh ingredients. At least that's what they claim.

I've never eaten such yummy meat loaf in my life. I've only tried the ones that you can buy in the supermarket. I didn't like the kale caesar that much. It contains these little violet seeds that were soooo bitter! I don't know what they're called, all I know is that I'm not eating those kind of seeds ever. The pizza was also good but my heart still belongs to Hawaiian. The pasta was also nice, we loved the shrimps on top and I'm a fan of tomato based pasta. It also has some beef strips which was kind of new. And oh! How could I forget about that first impression of ours, the crispy calamari. It's not oily and it tastes really goood! Go get 'em as an appetiser when you visit The Wholesome Table. Service was good, food quality's excellent, serving's enough, the place was lovely and price is a bit steep. Maybe eating healthy's not that cheap after all. Overall, I enjoyed my birthday lunch and I'm hoping to come back soon to try their other healthy drinks and sandwiches. Byeeeee! :)

Date Visited: December 2014

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