HOTEL REVIEW: Hotel 81 Dickson | Singapore

My cousin and I decided to visit her sister who's working in Singapore last November 2014. The length of our stay was one week. We thought that one week was more than enough to tour the whole city so we decided to visit Kuala Lumpur during the weekend. The plan was first three nights in a budget hotel in Singapore, luxurious weekend stay in Kuala Lumpur then spend remaining two nights back in Singapore with a different hotel.

Initially, we find it hard to look for a nice place to stay in Singapore. The prices shown in tripadvisor or agoda always seem to be beyond our budget. If only we stayed with a shorter period of time, I guess we could have checked in in a four star hotel. But we were there for a week and staying in a four or five star hotel would cost us a lot. After all, we're only students...who ask money from parents (I hate that last line).

After so many nights of research, I finally decided to book us at Hotel 81 Dickson through agoda. Hotel 81 is one of the biggest chain hotels in Singapore. They have different branches all over Singapore but we chose their branch in Dickson road because it's more affordable and it is located near MRT. Chain hotels actually make me think that they are "dirty" you know what I'm talking about but then I realised...even the biggest hotels are "dirty".

Actually, we were first brought in a room located on a higher floor. When we opened the door, we were in absolute shock! The room had empty cans and chips scattered all over the place, the bed was not fixed, it was a total chaos! We immediately ran down to the lobby and told them about the room and expected to be given a room upgrade but then they only apologised and gave us a new room. What a rough start, huh? Anyway, welcome to room 218.

We got the standard room for 60$ per night. My two cousins and I shared this double bed sometimes and it was still comfortable. Maybe because we're "petite" lol. Scratch that, because we're medium sized female asians. The room had different switches for the lighting, perfectly working air condition, mirrors everywhere, cable tv, complementary coffee, tea and water, enough power outlets for our gadgets, small but clean toilet and shower with hot water. I actually thought budget hotels like this do not have turn down service. We found our bed fixed and our used towels replaced every night when we come home.

I was also expecting a very small room. The size for me was okay, we still had space for our medium sized luggages. It was quiet inside our room. I had a very comfortable sleep because of the soft, clean, white comforter and plush pillows.

Overall, if you're looking for a budget accommodation in Singapore, located near the center and MRT, Hotel 81 Dickson might just be the hotel you're looking for. Private room with basic amenities with en suite bathroom for 60$ per night in Singapore is one of the cheapest deals anyone could find.

If you have any questions or recommendations, don't hesitate to comment below. :)

Date Visited: November 2014

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