First Ramen Experience at Ramen Nagi | SM Mall of Asia

I finally had the chance to try one of Japanese's specialty, ramen. Ramen has been one of the food trends these past few years and it never got my interest, I don't know why. I just woke up one day feeling like a loser not having tried any kind of ramen while my friends keep posting photos of the food on social network. Guess what? I was also feeling brave that day. They said for first timers, they recommend the original ramen also known as Butao King. I tried the riskiest ramen choice for a first timer, the BLACK KING. What can i say, I'm a risk prone type of person. haha! 

We visited their branch in SM MOA on a weekend around 4 or 5pm. The place was full since it can only accommodate few groups. We were third in line and it didn't take much time before we were seated inside. They gave us a menu and this quiz like paper where you encircle your preference. As you can see, I dared to try the Black King and ticked chef's recommendation for the spices. 

 "Why are they wearing bibs? hmmm"

Open kitchen. Orders take only around five minutes.

This was Bry's order. The original best seller "Butao King" Php390. The soup is made of very tasty tonkatsu pork broth with hard noodles, chashu, cabbage and pork belly which Bry really loved and wished he ordered as an extra. He chose chef's recommendation for the spices. He also ordered extra tamago Php50 (perfectly boiled egg) to go with his ramen. He's like me who was hesitant to try ramen since he heard some comments that it tastes like nilaga or sopas. But no! Ramen has its own unique taste which is not like nilaga nor sopas. haha! He finished his ramen until the last drop. 

 Black King (Kuroo) Ramen Php410 with extra tamago Php50. I got so excited when my order finally came. This is the moment! My first ramen! My second black food next to dinuguan! haha! The waiter placed a bib on me because that jet black silky broth can ruin anyone's outfit. My black king consists hard noodles, garlic and calamari ink for the broth, pork shoulder which was really tender, onions and a ball of minced pork. I really can't imagine what it tastes at first. All I know it has a certain ingredient that I love, garlic. I finally had a taste of my ramen and boyyy it's unexpectedly good! The broth was not thick as it looks like although it's really silky. I didn't finish it though. I can't even finish a bowl of wanton in Chinese restaurants.  Bry said if I ordered the Butao King I would have finished it like he did. Let's see next time.

Overall, this was another exciting first time for the both us. Bry was almost finish with his ramen first while I was only half way thru. He paused for awhile then the waiter suddenly reached his bowl with some soup and while it's in the waiter's hand he asked "Okay na sir?" Bry said no. Gosh that was so rude! Why do waiters do that? We understand that they have customers waiting in line but that's not enough reason to rush us finish our food. If I remember correctly, the waiter's name was erick? Not sure. Anyway, it was a really great food experience and we're now open to try other ramen houses and flavours. <3


  1. We also got to try Ramen Nagi before and we ordered the Black King too. I agree that its good. Tsk tsk the waiter should not have done that.

  2. hahaha...I haven't tried this yet also, now I feel like a loser. I should better try this one this weekend too lol