Casa Verde at UP Town Center

It's been a long time since I updated my blog. I've been busy with school stuff last month but I'm back on track now. The last time we had lunch out was at Casa Verde located in UP Town Center. We attempted to dine here before but it was all jam packed, leaving us 14th on the waiting list. We decided to eat some where else. This time, we visited on a Sunday, lunch time. We were 4th on the waiting list. While waiting, we already checked the menu and decided what to order. We were seated in the couch near the bar. Casa Verde has a country diner feel.

 Tenderloin Tips and Eggs (Php198) USDA tenderloin beef marinated in a sweet and savory sauce with eggs your way and rice. Also one of their best sellers. Simple and delicious meal!

The Dax (Php348) USDA eye fillet steak topped with brown sauce and onions, paired with a catch of tavern shrimps with tartar sauce. Served with harvest rice and vegetable medley. I had a taste of the steak and shrimp and both are full of flavors! This one is their best seller from the steak selection.

The famous Brian's Ribs (Php250) "Once you taste me you'll never forget me" Baked pork ribs with sweet, tangy piquet sauce served with rice, corn and carrots. True enough to it's promise, I won't forget Brian's ribs. Not because it's close enough to my boyfriend's name but because of the huge serving and oh-so-tender meat. Ribs is one of my favorite comfort foods and this one passed my expectation. Knowing it's only Php250! Such a great deal!

Miky Way Chocolate Milk Shake (Php345) Of course we won't pass the tallest milk shake in town. This chocolate milk shake is the highlight of the day next to Brian's Ribs. It is good for three to four persons. I love the chocolate syrup that already dried. Don't forget to mix it well to avoid the rough sand-like ingredients from the bottom of the glass.

We loved Casa Verde! We promised to try the Mighty Ton on our next visit. The food were delicious and affordable. Don't forget to try Brian's ribs if it's your first time. I was totally shocked with the huge serving. Also, if you decide to try Casa Verde, be sure to wait for around 30 minutes or so since they don't take reservations and once you're name is called and you're not present, they will move on to the next customer in line and scratch your name off. Have you tried Casa Verde? What's your opinion?

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  1. The food looks great, but it's a little disappointing that such a popular restaurant makes its milkshakes from powdered mix and can't even be bothered to dissolve it fully...