SoChill Bar at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila

Meet my best friend since high school, Karol. Few days before her birthday celebration, she texted me "Sunset Bar or SoChill?"

Both bars are located in Sofitel Plaza Manila. Sunset Bar is a restaurant located beside the hotel's pool. It has tables and chairs with an umbrella as a set up. While SoChill Bar is more of a lounging area where you can comfortably sit or lie in the huge white leather pillow with a centre table. 

While I was looking for some reviews of both bars, I received another text message from her "SoChill na lang para chill chill lang" Yup, she answered her own question. haha! I immediately replied "Tama!!!"

We arrived at Sofitel at 5:30PM. I caught my best friend looking at something, I thought she was using an ipad. Turns out, she was holding the creative menu of SoChill Bar. Happy to say, there wasn't any foul smell from the bay. It was very windy which gave us a chance to have picture perfect moment! Here are my favourite photos...

We ordered some nachos while waiting for the glorious sunset of Manila Bay. I highly recommend their thick and crispy Nachos Deluxe (Php300) covered with generous amount of olives, ground meat, cheese and sour cream. Served perfectly with the tomato and guacamole dip.

Few minutes comes the sun!

Our friends came just in time for the sunset.

Our orders: Potato wedges (Php250), FAT mozzarella cheese sticks (Php400), Buffalo chicken but more like Southern style fried chicken (Php460) and two family size super duper amazing pizzas!!!

All our orders were just enough for the eight of us. Everything was just recommendable, especially the Hawaiian (Php590) and Pepperoni (Php600) pizzas overloaded with cheese. I never thought such delicious pizzas exist! The crust was perfectly done and it just melts in your mouth. I can't imagine how amazing the authentic Italian pizzas would taste. I need to be in Italy!

The sun was nowhere to be found. The crescent moon however appeared brightly in the not so dark sky. There was lightning left and right, we crossed our fingers and hoped that it wouldn't rain. Anyway, after having a delectable meal, we ordered a fruit platter (Php320), mango cheesecake and a dark chocolate (Php370) with a "Happy Birthday Carol!" They apologised for the wrong spelling though. It's supposed to be Karol with a "K". 

We sang a happy birthday song for the birthday celebrant. She then made her wish and blew the candle. You know what's next! In just few minutes, these well presented desserts were already gone! The dark chocolate wasn't bitter at all. Dip the very chocolatey cake in the mango sauce and voila! A melt in your mouth dessert! The mango cheesecake was equally delightful!

To complete our "chill" moment, we ordered some cocktails which came with a bowl of nuts while exchanging stories. After being so busy with my studies this past year, there was just a lot to catch up!

Left-Right: Treasure Island, Summer Getawa and Pina Colada.

Once you sit in these huge white pillows and appreciate the amazing view, you would really say "SO CHILL". To give you an idea of how relaxing our night went, here are our photos while lounging and chatting with each other.

I'm not really a party person. I'm more of a "chill" person when it comes to hanging out with friends. I don't enjoy the loud music anymore as much as I did when I was "younger". hehe! 

So far, SoChill bar tops my list for the best chill hangout places in Manila. There's no loud music, not too many people and the set up was just extremely relaxing. When I look forward, I see Manila bay and just a little left, I can see the ferris wheel and Mall of Asia. About face, I see the luxurious pool and bright building of Sofitel. Food might be a bit expensive though. With an excellent service, unique and relaxing concept, great tasting food and company I have to say it's worth every penny. We'll surely be back soon!

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  1. Looks inviting! Thank you for blogging this. Plans to chill by end of March.