Mochicreme is a Filipino version of the famous mochi icecream producer from Japan, Mochiko. They offer more affordable mochi ice cream at almost the same taste. Mochicreme has lesser flavors to choose from so it's easier to choose what you'd like to buy. On the dark side, you may not find the type of mochi icecream you're looking for because of their limited menu. I don't think they offer limited edition of flavors too. They're the only stall I know that sells mochi icecream in MOA so I really do find time to drop by whenever I'm in the mall.

Flavors of their mochi icecream. Yup! that's all of them :)

My boyfriend and my cousin opted for the chocolate flavor which is a very safe choice for first timers. I  chose red azuki bean for a change. My choice was surprisingly very good and that's when I started to be a mochi ice cream lover. I've also tried their strawberry flavor, it was also delicious. I just love everything on their menu.
My boyfriend and my cousin happy with their mochi icecreams. hehe! 

Mochi ice cream is a small, round dessert ball wrapped in a soft, pounded sticky rice cake which is called mochi and filled with ice cream. Mochi ice cream is also known of its availability for take out because the ice cream filling doesn't melt that fast and even if does, it can't escape the mochi. Just place it in the fridge when you get home and the melted icecream will harden again. One time, I tried to bring home one mochi icecream from mochicreme. Unfortunately, when I got home the melted icecream was scattered in the plastic, meaning, their mochi is not that good. So i suggest for you to eat your mochicreme right away for a best experience! :)

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