La Union Soul Surf Festival Day 1

This is my second time in La Union. My first one was with my family and we also stayed here in our close family friend's beautiful house. I can hear the sound of the waves even afar.

There's nothing much to do in the Soul Surf Festival during the day. So, my friend's cousin decided for us to hang out at The Bay. We ordered some nachos while exchanging funny stories.

In the afternoon, just when the sun was about to go down, we head on to the Soul Surf Festival and grabbed some jamba juice! The place was crowded with young, energetic and beautiful people.

Mich and I went sunset surfing. I'm also a sucker for sunsets. Sunset surfing was the highlight of my stay!

When the sun was gone, the place started to get loud. Music was playing loudly, people were drinking, chilling and everyone was just talking to...everyone! It's like a community and your neighbor's offering you drinks and... Our night or should I say morning, ended so tiring because of the amazing tugs tugs! ;)

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