One of Manila's Major Attractions - RIZAL PARK | Malate, Manila

After touring Intramuros, we went to Rizal Park which is also known as Luneta Park. This is where Philippine's National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, was killed. The park is open for everyone anytime. It's free except for the Gardens (Php10/garden) like the Chinese Garden, Japanese Garden and more. There are a lot of interesting reads in the park like the sayings by Famous Chinese Emperors that can be found in the Chinese Garden. Watching the guard of the Rizal Monument was fun too! He looked like a statue since you can't see any movement. Finally! I've been to the most famous attraction of my country! haha!

Some tips:
  • Bring a camera
  • Bring a bottle of water
  • Umbrella
  • Wear a comfy shoes
  • Take care of your belongings

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