Weekend is a very important time for any of us, for sure. It's the time we get to relax and hang out with our loved ones. My family makes sure that we start our weekend right by having a breakfast at Kudu, if not in IKEA. Then, we stroll the long beach of Aziziyah for a beautiful sight seeing. Making our minds forget the worries and problems we had all through out the week. Like what they say "Start a new life everyday." For us "Start a new life everyweek" lol.

The pyramid architecture makes it so unique among the restaurants in Corniche.

Our view from the inside.

This is a self service restaurant but sometimes, when there's just few customers, the waiter brings you your order.

The waffle-like ceiling.

Steaks & Eggs (SR13). Never gets old, this has always been my order. It never changed and even though flour and eggs's price had risen, my fave kudu breakfast's price is still the same.

Waffles with honey syrup.

Coffee and Orange Juice is included in the meal. Their orange juice is so fresh. It's my favorite orange juice in the world but I could only find it in Kudu and nowhere else. I've tried to look for it in different supermarkets, I just couldn't find it. Maybe the supplier exports it exclusively for KUDU.

You could never go wrong on having a breakfast at KUDU. It would surely make your day!

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