Al-Khobar Traditional Village

Let me welcome you to the famous Al-Khobar Traditional Village. Winner of Excellence in Tourism Awards for having the best traditional food and catering services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. If you want to travel back in time and experience to be in a traditional Arabian house with their traditional food, then this is the place to be. I, myself is a big fan of kabsa. I always crave for it whenever I'm in the Philippines, I'm sure my friends that I grew up with feel the same. 

Outside view
Walkway entrance of the Family Section
Photo frames that consist of pictures of their valued guests and VIPs, hung on the wall of the stairway.
The oh-so-fascinating stairway!
The waiter told us that the owner of this restaurant collects vintage cars. How cool is that? then I wondered, how did they put these two cars on the second floor? haha!
One of the rooms. For all of those wondering why there are no chairs and tables, that's because you will be sitting and eating on the carpet (with a plastic mat for the food). That is how we traditionally eat kabsa.
Those paintings were painted directly on the wall.
Their very traditional interior makes you feel relaxed and at home. The carpet prints are so fashionating! I want a skirt with prints like that. haha!
Our complementary soup
Main dish, Kabsa laham and mixed grilled kebab with kubus and fries.
I don't know the name of this dessert but it's good. There's a cream cheese filling at the middle which makes it so "malinamnam".
Their traditional food is so delicious. This is so much better than the kabsa being bought near IPSA. Don't worry about the price, after all it's only kabsa and kebab, but more delicious. Our waiter was a kabayan, he always checked on us to see if we need anything. Their service is fast and good. Enough to make the customers satisfied and keep coming back. 

Al-Khobar Traditional Village
Al-Aqrabia, Al Yarmuk St. behind Saab Bank, 
Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Tel. Num.: 8491991

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