Phuket Restaurant

Every time we eat here, we always bump into someone we know. Phuket is one of the Filipino-friendly restaurants here in Al-khobar. They offer authentic Thai cuisine at an affordable price. We come here whenever my mom is too lazy to cook for dinner or whenever we miss their seafood soup.

(Photos shown above and below this caption is part of the second floor)
The place has two floors. The first floor is the bachelor’s area and the second floor is for families. 

Mixed Seafood Soup still on fire. This soup is kind of sour. It never fails to help me get rid of my cold :)
Fried Rice
Pecking Duck. My mom doesn’t eat duck. Whenever I ask her why, she just gives the "ew" look.
Mixed Vegetables (not a fan of vegetables, but I’m trying!)
As always, iced tea (ordinary)

Basically whenever we eat here, it only costs SR150-SR200 (Php1,700-Php2,300). Not bad right? I wish to visit Thailand next year because clothes and accessories are so cheap there. cheaper than Divi/168. Imagine! haha! Okay that wasn’t food related. Bye!

Phuket Restaurant
King Faisal Street, Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Preferable time to dine is dinner

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