Rosenda's Restaurant

We were planning to have our afternoon snack at Razon's because my mom is craving for Halo-Halo. Unfortunately, when we got there, the entire place was reserved for an 18th Birthday Party. Of course my mom won't stop until she gets what she wants. haha! (may pinagmanahan). My cousin who is also a certified food lover suggested this new restaurant named Rosenda's. I actually thought it was lame, because of the name. haha! it sounds like Rosalinda. hahaha!

Anyway, their cutie place mat really caught my attention.
We ordered light meal because this was supposed to be a snack, but our snack ended up as an early dinner. My cousin ordered "Rosenda's Pasta" The sauce had a taste of tomato, but not like spaghetti's.    
Guess whose Carbonara is this? duh? haha!
uhmmm, veggies for the oldies :D
My cousin's BBQ Chicken served with rice.
And, halo-halo! it's so big! i had to help my cousin finish hers. My mom finished it by herself. haha!

Rosenda's Restaurant
Mon - Sun:08:30-22:00
Contact Number: (044) 940 7326

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