Hill Station Tapas Bar & Restaurant

Last May 10 was my mom's birthday. She decided that she wants to have an intimate celebration at the beautiful city of Baguio for three days with our close relatives. On our first day, we visited Lourdes Grotto first in the morning to give thanks for all the blessings that we have received and still receiving. Then we hanged out at Burnham Park. My cousins, brother and I went on a boat ride, we had a henna tat and most of the fun part, all of us went on biking! Yes! including our moms! They were so cute and they seem to be enjoying the ride just like old times :)  By 11am it rained so we decided to have our lunch at Hill Station. I found out about Hill Station by browsing restaurants online before our trip.

The huge sign placed outside the restaurant

Warm and Vintage Interior

This is the perfect place where you can enjoy your food and relaxing view at the same time.

Complementary Bread served in a cute little basket with different kinds of dip.

We ordered one of their homemade soup which is the Fresh Mushroom Cream Soup (120Php) a medley of fresh mushrooms with a dollop of cream for our appetizer, but I forgot to take a close photo of it. Maybe, as usual I was so excited and hungry!

Lechon Kawali with Laing sa Gata (320Php) deep fried crisp pork belly with gabi leaves cooked in coconut milk served with rice.

They serve their meals with unique shaped rice. It is not the normal type of rice, it's color purple and has a a bit taste of lemon. It complements the viand though.

Seafood Carbonara (320Php) fresh seafood and homemade fettuccine in a light cream sauce.

My younger brother ordered a pasta because he's not up for restaurants like this. You know kids (some of them, including my bruh), are fastfood lovers. He didn't like the pasta maybe because it was new to his taste. But I tasted it and I liked it!

Cambodian and Coriander Garlic Chicken (360Php) marinated overnight and charbroiled served with rice. 

That is why we ended up ordering another dish for him. When the Cambodian and Coriander Garlic Chicken was served, all of us wanted to taste it. It looked so juicy and yummy! And it's true, my cousin even said that she should've ordered the chicken :) Highly recommended!

Green Thai Chicken Curry (320 Php) with homemade mango chutney.

You know what to expect when you hear the word curry. Dish cooked in Indian-style sauce of strong spices. But this one wasn't that spicy at all! It's actually savory.

Fish Fillet with Five Spice Chile Tea Rub in Hoisin Lime Sauce on a bed of scallion lemon rice. (340 Php)

My aunt who is health-conscious ordered for a fish instead of meat. She said that it was tasty and the wispy crisp outside made it more deli!

Indian Lamb Curry with papadum, chutney and rice. (420 Php) 

I grew up in Saudi Arabia that's why I'm used of eating food with spices. I actually prefer my food with a bit of spice because I've read once on the internet that spices could fasten a person's metabolism. Hoping I could lose weight* haha!

Homemade ice cream in Dark Chocolate with Cayenne, Benguet Coffee with Choco Chips, Vanilla Cinnamon, Mango Rum and Dulce de Leche for only (110Php). We actually got this ice cream platter for free because the waiter accidentally spilled an iced tea on our table.

My mom got a free cupcake because it was her birthday! :)

Hill Station
Casa Vallejo, Upper Session Road
Baguio City, 2600

(+63 74) 424 2734
(+63 74) 423 9100
(+63 74) 423 9558


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