Golden Fortune Seafood Restaurant

Last night was my uncle's birthday. My cousins and I left home earlier because we had to buy two cakes, one for the birthday celebrant and another one to congratulate my cousin for passing the Nursing Licensure Examination last June-July 2012. So yes, it's a double celebration. We had a dinner at my uncle's favorite restaurant, Golden Fortune. Golden Fortune has been one of the best Chinese restaurants in town that serves authentic Chinese cuisine. When you enter, you could see the aquarium at the left side. You can choose your seafood fresh from the water. The place is clean and huge. I like restaurants with yellow lights because it looks very nice in the photos. hehe :)

Appetizer-Fish Lip Soup 

If you know how Chinese celebrate birthdays, they won't let it pass without noodles. So we ordered "Birthday Noodles". Love love this noodles! We didn't get to finish this dish, not because we didn't like it, but because the serving is huge. I know! pictures can be deceiving ;) 

Large Yang Chow Fried Rice. We were 10 persons all in all and still there's a left over. 

Steamed Shrimp

Fried Crab with Salt and Chili.

Fried Spare ribs with Salt and Chili

Steamed Garoupa cooked in Soy Sauce with Spring Onions. Best dish of the night!

Complementary Almond Jelly for dessert.

My cousins and I arrived earlier at the restaurant with the cakes because it was suppose to be a surprise. We clearly explained to the waiter to  prepare the cakes (out from the box with candles already lit) and serve it as soon as we give them as a sign. When we gave them the sign, the waiter gave us the two cakes still in the box. Our reaction was "wth?". Obviously, my uncle already knew that we bought him a cake. I know it's no biggie but sometimes even small efforts to make someone feel special are greatly appreciated. Another thing is, they played the happy birthday song after the candles were already blown and the cake was being sliced, funny. Overall, the value for the food is great and the most important part, all of us enjoyed the food!

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