Patchi chocolates are originally from Lebanon. They offer different flavors of chocolates that will surely tickle your tastebuds. When you visit a Patchi boutique, well presented chocolates will surround you and make you feel like you're in a royal chocolate party :) I believe there's already a Patchi store in the Phippines located in the Fort, which opened 2 years ago.

One of the Patchi Boutiques in Al-Khobar, KSA.

Chocolate Gourmet for gatherings which costs more than Php 10,000.

Unique arrangement in haute couture wrapping.

Patchino-Kiddie Chocolates.

Different kinds of chocolates that you can choose from. These chocolates' cost is per grams, just like gold! Truly a luxury chocolate! The salesmen were always glad to help their customers choose the best chocolate flavors that would suite your taste.

Contemporary interior of the store.

More chocolates!

This huge champagne glass filled with chocolate wrapped in gold papers caught my attention! I'd love to have one like this in my room :)

Some chocolate goodies in different sizes perfect for gifts!

Different designs of wrapping. You could tell them how you want your chocolates wrapped. Patchi chocolates are personalized even in the smallest details.

Chocolates that my brother bought, the first box was shaped like a mini m&ms and the other one was cigarette like type of chocolate. Both delicious!

I bought 3 (350 grams) of assorted Patchi chocolates as pasalubongs for my friends in the Philippines.

Also bought another 350 grams of assorted chocolate for my family to eat here. We've been a loyal costumer of Patchi chocolates ever since it came in Saudi Arabia. The taste is remarkable and you won't find a flavor that you wouldn't like! I know there are a lot of more affordable and nice tasting chocolates out in the market but sometimes, it's nice to spend some bucks with chocolates that would make you feel like it was made for you :)

Website: Patchi

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