Dr. Cafe

My family and I love hanging out at coffee shops where we could talk about random stuff with a drink and sometimes a snack. Whenever there’s a new cafe in town, we find time to try it. Dr. Cafe is no exemption. Sometimes, we’re even the only visitor. But it’s okay, that means we don’t have to be conscious about how loud we talk.

This is one of the signs placed in every window.
 You might have thought that this photo is taken from the outside.

And here is the very coffee shop-ish interior. We always sit at the couch for more comfort. 
Everytime I look at this pic, it seems like I’ve already seen it somewhere. Have you?

And  here’s our drinks, my dad always order for coffee, different ones everytime. My bro likes any flavor of frappe. My mom is  a cappuccino lover and I…I love everything! haha! I don’t like drinks with whipped cream, I find it, I don’t know too sweet? And that’s our blueberry cheesecake.
Cinnamon Roll
Swiss Chocolate Layer Cake
Chocolate and Blueberry Muffin

Dr. Cafe is just an ordinary coffee shop, it has wifi, spacious family are and ordinary cafe menu. 
We often visit this place because it’s near us and it’s quiet. 

Dr. Cafe
Corniche Road
Website: DrCafe

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