Bodhi Vegetarian Health Food House

Bodhi is one of my favorite restaurants. It's completely healthy because all the food are made from veggies. Yup! It's possible! Imagine eating adobo made with pure vegetables. Ikr? The branch of Bodhi that we always visit is along Banawe, QC. It has a small grocery where you can buy different Chinese food.

The food in Bodhi is very affordable with around Php45-Php65 per viand. An average Php200 meal would already include, rice, 2 viands and a yummy drink! I visit Bodhi whenever I feel like I eat too much unhealthy food (to make bawi). If you dine in here, you will see a lot of old people dining. Elderlies love vegetables, as we all know. But if you're on a strict health diet but don't want to sacrifice the taste of eating healthy then this place is right for you! :)

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