Ristorante Bigoli

Are you living somewhere in Quezon City or happen to pass by Trinoma? If you are, don't forget to have lunch or dinner at Ristorante Bigoli where you can munch on the best stromboli in the Philippines.

It is located at the 4th floor near the Cinema, you'll surely find it right away!

The restaurant could be crowded at times. One time, when we dined here, I didn't see a table without stromboli. Seriously.

They have a very warm and relaxing interior design.

Haaaa! here it is! The famous stromboli! It's basically a rolled pizza but more enjoyable to eat. Every bite brings you delight! Both bacon and pepperoni flavor is good.

Spaghetti and Meatballs for two costs only 170 Pesos. Have I mentioned that their breadsticks are unlimited? ;)

The meatballs are so heavy and genuine.

Spaghetti al Pesto for only 100 Pesos. Not really the best pesto spaghetti I've tasted. The pasta was a bit dry and it was not served hot to us. Anyway, we have different tastes and it's still worth the price! 

Pizza Pasta Combo of pepperoni pizza and your choice of pasta. My cousin tried the Fettuccine Alfredo. She said it was good. I've also tried this before and it was satisfying.

What makes Bigoli really special is their stromboli and their steak that I haven't tried yet. The prices are very affordable and servings are enough. The unlimited breadsticks really helped getting me full. I hope they find time on improving some of their pasta especially that Bigoli is an Italian Restaurant. Bigoli is one of my favorite restaurants and I will surely come back with my friends or family to try more of their dishes in the menu.