Yabu: House of Katsu

I've been dreaming to dine at Yabu since last year! Every time my friends and I attempt to visit any branch, something always came up. Thanks to my lovely friend Jam, who chose to celebrate her 18th birthday at Yabu, SM Mall of Asia. Now I can brag about my excellent dining experience at Yabu just like the other foodies who's raving about the best katsu house in town.

It gets really jam packed at Yabu! Good thing we had a reservation. We actually had the longest table =)) Sooo, I apologize for those who waited so long because of us.

The Beginnings of Katsu.

What I liked most about the interior is the high ceiling. High ceiling makes an area look bigger. The waffle like wall is also very unique. This Japanese restaurant perfectly exhibited the history of katsu by hanging a comic art on the wall.

Condiments that will be used for the special sauce of tonkatsu.

 Sesame dressing to be crushed and poured with tonkatsu sauce that's inculded in the condiments. You may pour as much as you desire.

All set includes unlimited cabbage, Miso soup, Japanese rice, Japanese pickles, fruits & sesame dressing. 

The Original Hire Pork Tenderloin Set 100g (Php330) 3/4 inch thick, flaky pork cuts with no fat! How can you say no?

 Their Japanese rice is very good. It actually reminds me of Teriyaki Boy's rice.

The unlimited cabbage together with the dressing is simply irresistible!

We didn't have to order dessert as our tummies were already full. The fruits included in the set is enough and perfect to end our delightful meal.

Rosu Original Katsudon Set (Php315) This might be the cheapest set in the menu but those who ordered this didn't finish it no matter how hard they try to. Including me! The serving looks normal but it's so heavy in the stomach. I'm actually glad I ordered this, because even though I only ate half it, I still have something to eat later midnight. spell pig! haha!

Seafood Set 1 (Php545) Basically consists of different seafood like black tiger prawn, salmon, oyster and crab. If you're a seafood lover, then this one's perfect for you! 

Looks like someone binge on his katsu curry set before I came to take a photo and ask about the food. Simply shows how inevitable the chicken katsu curry is! (Php345)

Dori Set (Php375). Price depends on how many grams you're going to order.

Salmon Set (Php475). Very healthy and yummy at the same time! I'd like to call it fish nuggets :)

 Told yah! we had the longest table! hehe :)

Bottomless Lemonade (Php80)

Bottomless House Blend Iced Tea (Php95)

 Here are some of the feedbacks of Yabu fans posted outside the comfort room.

There's nothing disappointing about Yabu. Everything is perfect! the food, the service and the place deserves six out of five stars. I had to say I'm impressed with the waiter who took our orders (we were 16 in all i think?) without using a pen and paper. Yes, he memorized all of our orders! amazinggg! They also managed to keep the place well organized even though the waiting line outside was so long. However, I could feel some rush and pressure from the staff brisk walking around. Anyway, that's acceptable! It just shows how prompt they are on attending to customers needs. I love Yabu and I will be back maybe next week! :) You just gained 16 fans here Yabu! Keep up the good job :)

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