Adventure | Baler, Aurora

We woke up to this beautiful beach. Imagine the waves waking you up, ughh so relaxing! Some of my friends had a hangover because of last night, if you don't know what I'm talking about, view my post Baler Day 1

This was actually my first time to surf. Our instructors gave us like 5 minute lesson or even less! on the sand before actually surfing the waves. They just thought us two steps. Everything you need to know in order to stand on your board. No parts of the board lecture or safety stuff. Damn! But it's nice figuring things on your own like when there's a big wave coming, go down to the water if you don't want to get slapped by the wave. So yeah, my Php400 consist of two steps, board & rashguard rental. 

Here's what we learned. When your instructor say ready, go in a push up position and bend one of your legs (whichever you're comfortable) and the last one, when the waves are near enough, you're instructor will yell "Tayo!" (Stand in English). 

On the photo above is my friend Bella in a push up position and one leg bent for support. The photo below is my friend Sarah. I'm not sure if it's her first time but surfing seems to love here! Proud of you friends! <3

After Surfing, we freshened up and went to the city of Baler to have lunch.

Rolling Store. A street with a lot of food stalls offering different kinds of viands. You'll be surprised with the variety and price. My friend ordered a Blue Marlin Seafood Soup for just Php75. Well, you can also call it Eat All You Can because of the many food your money can buy!

Sad to say, I only have this photo when we trekked to Ditumabo Falls also knows as Mother Falls. I haven't developed the photos from my underwater camera yet, but as soon as I do, I will update this post right away. For now, just take a look at this photo that I grabbed from google images. hihi!
Ditumabo Falls "Mother Falls"

After trekking and swimming at Ditumabo Falls we went to look for the famous Balete Tree. The largest of its kind in Asia. We climbed the tall tree with a guide and left a tip. They are very kind and they guided us literally step by step when climbing up and going down the tree.

Had an amazing and very affordable dinner at Trenchers located somewhere down town. Easy to spot since the town's really small.

Had few drinks at Yellow Fin just few steps from our lodge.

Finished the night with star gazing but we didn't have any decent photos of us lying on the sand while watching the stars twinkle. The beach, once again was lighted by an amazing full moon. 

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