Surfer's Life | Baler, Aurora

Manila Departure and breakfast at Jollibee NLEX.

We checked in at Surfer Girl's Lodge. It's very affordable and the owners were very accommodating. All of us were amused when we saw the beautiful Sabang Beach. We explored the place in the afternoon and when dinner time was approaching, we head on to the town proper.

We dined in at Gerry Shan's Place. They served mostly Chinese cuisine. The buffet rate was Php185person. Food in Baler was really cheap ;)

We explored more of the place when we were on our way back to our lodge. We stopped and bought ice from this hotel and while waiting, what's the best thing to do? You know it!

During our stay, every night we witnessed an amazing full moon. I never thought that moon gazing can also be so breathtaking.

The most fun part, we met locals and other travelers. Everyone exchanged stories about their past adventures and just about anything under the sun. It was the most fun night we had during our stay. This is what I like most about traveling. You get to meet strangers and be like best friends in just a snap!

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