Gefseis Greek Grill in La Union

So I attended La Union Soul Surf Festival last October 25-27. During my last night in La Union, my new found friends and I decided to try the newly established Greek Restaurant near San Juan Beach, Gefseis Greek Grill.

This is the pathway leading to the restaurant. The place tried to achieve the Santorini feel by using the color combination of blue and wait on their decorations.

I ordered the Mix Souvlaki Platter. If I'm not mistaken the price is around 200 pesos but it was worth my money. It had a great taste and the meat was freshly cooked. The pita bread is good, so are the sidings when combined together. This is supposed to be an afternoon snack that turned out to be a dinner.

I will definitely recommend Gefseis Greek Grill to everyone who's planning to surf the San Juan Beach in La Union.

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