The Iscreamist

It's the last day of my internship and my mentors treated me lunch at one of the restaurants in Maginhawa St. in UP Diliman Village, Roberta Seafood Cantina. We craved for dessert afterwards and luckily, we passed by The Iscreamist. It's actually my second time visiting the place.

The place is really small and gets crowded most of the time. They don't do reservations so you have to do it the long old method. Fall in line.

There are a lot of flavors to choose from. We decided to have their Tiramisu and Smores. Each order of tiramisu (4 sticks) is 65 Pesos. While one order of Smores (3 sticks) is 75.

I can't really taste the flavor when I placed it in my mouth. All I can taste or feel is the burning sensation of nitrogen. Don't worry, they'll give you instructions when your orders are ready. It's pretty simple! Dip the stick in the cup that contains nitrogen for seven seconds and eat it!

The place is pretty cool, it has big tanks filled with nitrogen at two corners. Their menu is designed like the table of elements. It's the experience that made it famous! The smoke that comes out of your mouth makes you look like you're smoking. haha! Regarding the food, all I can taste is the biscuit but visiting this place had always been fun! Maybe I'll come back the third time just to accompany friends who have been asking me to bring them here. :)

Location: Magiting Street, Quezon City

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