50 Week Money Challenge for Year 2014

I decided to make my own 50 week savings challenge so that the amount to be saved each week is in accordance with my allowance. Originally, it should be 52 weeks save money challenge since we have a total of 52 weeks in a year but I decided to finish my challenge before Christmas or two weeks before the year ends. I also designed one for my mom and my brother. We're all eager to start the challenge and finish it! The total amount of my savings at the end of the year should be Php25,500. Enough for a summer escapade, right? :)

I decided to start with Php1000 while the succeeding amount decreases by Php20 each week. Based on my computation, with this kind of savings, I could still do some splurging and weekend getaways. It's not tight on my budget which makes it easy for me to save. I'm looking forward to the end of the year knowing I have Php25,500 to splurge without feeling the burden through out the year.

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