Subic 2N/3D Itinerary

Thought I'd share you the 2N/3D Itinerary that I made for my Subic getaway on April 2014. Excited much! I know right? The itinerary also includes expenses that I estimated during my research. I think I have completely planned everything such as the things to do and places to visit.

I hope you find this useful if you're also having the same length of stay in Subic. Of course you can modify things such as the restaurants and hotel according to your preference. The hotel that we chose was average but it has a nice pool. After all, we're not staying in the hotel through out the day. Also, the restaurants that I selected are all in the top ten restaurants in Subic according to tripadvisor. I've read a lot of great reviews about them. All of them are affordable and has certain specialty. The locations are pretty near from our hotel too which is around Subic Bay Freeport Zone. I just want to fast forward to April! Summerrrrr! Here it is...

Transportation: Private (Gas&Toll)-----------------------------------------------Php1600
Hotel: Seorabeol Grand Leisure Hotel (Standard Room 2,750/night)----Php2750
         Subic Park Hotel (Standard Room 2,250/night)-----------------------Php2250

10:00AM Manila Departure
1:00PM   Lunch at Xtremely Xpresso CafĂ©--------------------------------------Php700
2:00PM   Hotel Check-in
                 Enjoy the hotel pool
                 Walk along Subic Bay
                 Watch the sun set/Buy Souvenirs
6:00PM   Dinner at hotel--------------------------------------------------------------Php500
                 Night Swimming
                 Night bar at hotel--------------------------------------------------------Php300
12:00MN Goodnight Sleep

7:00AM    Wake-up
8:00AM    Hotel Breakfast
9:00AM    Parasailing (1,800/person)--------------------------------------------Php3600
11:00AM    Lunch at Cocolime Asian Cuisine------------------------------------Php600
1:00 PM    TreeTop Adventure (600/person)------------------------------------Php1200
·      Silver Surfer
·      Superman Ride
·      Tree Drop Adventue
4:00PM    Back to hotel and swim
6:00PM    Dinner at Texas Joe’s House of Ribs-------------------------------Php1000
8:00PM    Back to hotel and enjoy the last night

7:00AM    Morning Swim and Get ready
8:00AM    Breakfast
9:00AM    Mass at San Roque Chapel
11:00AM   Hotel Check-out
11:30AM   Subic Departure

TOTAL EXPENSE (Two Persons)-----------------------------------------------Php14500

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