January Love - Pink Roses & Lilies

Surprises are one the best things in life. It's not even the month of love yet but someone surprised with a beautiful pink bouquet. I was lounging in my couch this afternoon, browsing the internet, when someone sent me a text message "Labas ka". Movie ang peg! kiligs* Beautiful roses and lilies in my favorite color, pink. Since I don't have a flower vase yet (I just moved in my new place), I placed it in a Nestle Litro pitcher. hehe! Have I mentioned it came with a Jawbreaker from Zarks? yup! 

The reason behind is too personal to publish. Anyhow, this bouquet of flowers will always serve as a reminder that there's no such thing as perfect relationship. There will always be challenges and mistakes. Always, always, always, give each other a second, third, fourth, unlimited chance! Don't let the day pass without fixing things. It's the only way to make the relationship last...unlimited forgiveness and unconditional love. The End - Dr. Love =))

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