Brunch at Bag of Beans, Tagaytay

A lot of things happened these past few weeks. I have so much to share but I've decided to blog about my recent trip to Tagaytay with my boyfriend. We decided to celebrate Valentine's day on February 15 since we don't want to join the countless couples on Valentine's day itself.

We left Manila around 11am. I just had a cup of coffee while Bry had few pieces of oreo in the car for breakfast. The traffic was kind of heavy in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. We arrived past 12 in Bag of Beans. You can easily locate Bag of Beans when you're in Tagaytay since it's near the round about. There weren't too many customers when we arrived so finding a nice table for two was easy. The only problem we had was the parking lot. The parking lot was so small we had to double park.

We had a table at the corner of the veranda somehow overlooking Taal Volcano. After few minutes, a couple left the other table which had a nicer view. So, we transferred. Bag of Beans will give you a country feel. Simple and relaxing.

Bag of Beans' actual menu.

This is our magnificent view from table 19. So breathtaking! 

We ordered their best seller pie, Shepherd's Pie Php125 which is good for 1-2 persons. It tastes more like a lasagna than a pie plus it's not circle and there's no crust. Very meaty and cheesy. I got satiated after a while so I let Bry finish it. It was really good though.

Breakfast Sampler Php380 Good for 1-2 persons. We ordered only one breakfast platter and shared. It consist of two pancakes, two packed butter, two sunny side up, two hash browns, few small pieces of bacon, two small sausages, one rolled ham and a slice of orange with cherry on top. I loved the sausage! The platter was good enough for us since we ordered two extra pies.

We decided to end our meal with an Apple Pie Php120. Very tasty and yummy! Really perfect for dessert.

A fridge that contains ready made pies is placed near the cashier. So, if you can't get enough of their pies, you have the option to buy and take  'em home.

Bag of Beans also has some goods for sale such as coffee beans, pastries, jams and souvenir mugs.

We had fun dining in Bag of Beans. It was really a delight since it's our first meal for the day. The huge breakfast platter and delicious pies will surely keep us occupied through out the afternoon. I will totally come back and try other food from their menu. If you're only two or three dining, I recommend to get a table at the veranda and enjoy the cool breeze and breathtaking view of Taal Volcano. If you're with your family or barkada, get a table near the ornaments for a nice background for picture taking. Totally worth the money! <3

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