Kebab Turki Baba Rafi

The Kebab Turki Baba Rafi that I visited was located in Padre Faura Wing of Robinson's Place Manila. It's just a kiosk that can seat up ten customers. The story of how KTBR started was so inspiring. This Middle Eastern food chain is surprisingly from Indonesia. It only started as a cart but with the hard work of its founder Hendy Setiono, it grew to a fast food chain. It is currently the world's largest chain of kebab having more the 1000 branches in Indonesia, Malaysia and in the Philippines. The story is somewhat similar of how Jollibee started. The diners were mostly foreigners. They offer kebab meals, shawarma, bugers and more.

It was my first time to eat a shawarma in a different way. Continue reading to know what I'm talking about :)

Two sizes of drinks.

Three sizes of shawarma.

Kebab Turki Baba Rafi's actual menu. Affordable right?

Some sauce tips.

Two pieces Kebab Rice Meal (Php99) The kebabs were surprisingly small (size of longganisa). Actually tastes a bit like longganisa plus it's oily :( The rice was good though! :)

Garlic and Spicy dip for the kebab.

Here's Kebab Turki's shawarma in its unique packaging! ;)

The instructions are drawn at the back of the packaging. First open the top then pull the red tab in front. Hassle-free! No more having a hard time removing the wrap.

Their shawarma was really tasty! No regrets of ordering the double size which is worth Php100.

We tried their Lemonade and Sweet Tamarind. Both refreshing!

Kebab Turki Baba Rafi's shawarma would surely capture a person's heart. Especially those who love Mediterranean food. Their Kebab rice meal didn't impress us though. It was okay for how much we paid. Try Kebab Turki if you happen to pass by one of their kiosks around Metro Manila.

Facebook Page/Branches: Kebab Turki Baba Rafi
Official Website: Kebab Turki Baba Rafi

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