From Globe Pocket WiFi to Globe DSL

For the past seven months, I have been using Globe's pocket wifi as a source of my internet. I bought the device for Php1995 with sim card included. The pocket wifi can reach up to 7.2mbps, 4g signal and can accommodate up to 10 devices.

I went for the prepaid rather than postpaid because postpaid pocket wifi has a two year lock in period. While in prepaid, I can load and use it whenever I want. I usually load it with Php999 and subscribe to unlimited internet for 30 days. When I moved here in my new place which is located in 11th floor, my Globe pocket wifi never reached 7.2mbps. The maximum I have experienced was 1mbps and it only happens every early in the morning and in midnight. During rush hours (4pm-10pm) my Globe pocket wifi has a speed of less than 1mbps. It's only today when I discovered that pocket wifi is only good up to 7th floor. Above 7th floor, good signal is very hard to find which is very ironic. I've always thought that the higher you are, the stronger your signal can get.

So, I decided to avail of the Globe DSL. I texted the number from the brochure that I got from the lobby. The brochure said "GLOBE DSL, Free installation fee, free wifi router, free unlicalls to Globe and TM and only takes 1 day installation." Hmm, not bad?

Another good thing, they only require one valid id. It took only one day before the "Globe person" arrived in my unit. He installed the GLOBE DSL within 10 mins, issued me a receipt and tadaaaa! That's it! Globe's service was so fast and unbelievable. I availed the 2mbps+landline (with unlicalls to Globe&TM) for Php1099 before it was Php1299. That's all I have to pay every month for my two year contract. No service fee, no installation fee, the telephone set is included, so is the wifi router. This was such a good deal! You know what made it better? When I checked my speed at, the speed was not 2mbps.

My speed can go beyond 2mbps!!! Ahhhh! I love you globe! <3 You just made my life more convenient. With faster internet there's so much to do. Downloads would be so easy, such as movies, series, ebooks, you name it! I don't care much about the upload speed though. haha! Unlicalls to Globe via landline? I could save so much load. All of these for only Php1099! If you have a slow internet connection, go avail of Globe's DSL! You won't regret it.

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