Philippines Travel Bucket List

1. See the Old & New Manila - Check!

My top places for the old Manila are Rizal park, Intramuros and Escolta.
For the modern Manila, the best place is Makati and BGC in Taguig.

2. Ride a Hot Air Balloon in Pampanga

If only my pocket permits :( I'm sure the sunset view from up there is amazing!

3. Climb the Majestic Mt. Pulag

I've never climbed a mountain, but if I will, I would choose Mt. Pulag where you can see the breathtaking sea of clouds.

4. Surf in Baler - Check!

At last, something off of my bucket list!

5. Dive with the Whale Sharks in Donsol

Yes, it scares me! But getting to face this huuuuuuuge whale shark is totally one for the books.

6. River Rafting in Cagayan De Oro

Ehhh, just wanna test my skills. Kidding! But this sure would be fun, don't you think?

7. Experience luxury in Palawan

It's not everyday you get to live in a paradise, yah know...

8. Sinulog Festival in Cebu - Check!

One of the best festivals in the Philippines! Every photo you take will surely be colorful!

9. Visit the Historical Town of Vigan

I've always had a part of me that loves vintage!

10. Camping in Zambales

I always do sleep overs. But this one? Soon. Also, you get to sleep in an isolated island (except there are many people) where there is no electricity and food store. #LetsGoCamping

11. Island Hopping in Hundred Islands

If you don't mind... ;)

12. Learn how to dive in Anilao

Come on! you know I'm a frustrated mermaid. lol!

13. Watch the Breathtaking sunset of Manila Bay - Check!

Because happy people are sunset lovers!

14. Swim with the Dolphins at Ocean Adventure

I can't wait to have a smile like that when I swim with the dolphins.

15. TreeTop Adventure! - Check!

Again, face your fears! :'(

16. Feed the Tigers in Zoobic Safari - Check!


17. Shoot the rapids in Pagsanjan Falls

One of the famous falls in the Philippines!

18. Visit the Awesome Mind Museum

I wanna see this cool 1.2 hectare museum. I'm so proud we have a museum like this in the Philippines!

19. Ride A Carabao and See the Rice Fields in Nueva Ecija

Experience the simple and local Filipino lifestyle.

20. See the Chocolate Hills in Bohol

21. Surf in Siargao

22. Visit Banaue Rice Terraces

23. Beach Bum in Caramoan

24. Experience the fine sands of Boracay - Check!

25.  Share my Amazing Experience!

To inspire everyone to keep on discovering the beauties of the world!

Note: Photos, except for #4, were grabbed from Google images.

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