Seafood Cravings at Trinity "DAMPA" | Seaside, Macapagal

Four years and four months. Boy, time flies by really fast. We were craving for seafood. We realised that both of us have already experienced "dampa" or seaside dining BUT not together. So, we decided to satisfy our seafood cravings by heading to our favourite restaurant Trinity. Dampa or Seaside is a place where you'll be shopping for your own fresh seafood and have it cooked by any of the restaurants located in dampa. Two reliable restaurants that cook seafood are Trinity and Sis palutuan.  

It was an all different experience! We've done this before but with our parents who did all the shopping. We didn't know what's fresh or not. We didn't know if the prices were too high or not. Still, we conquered the seafood market. First, we went to the crab section. The lady asked us "bakla" or "babae"? (gay? or female?) I was like whutt?! I didn't know crabs had gender! haha! We asked the difference and the lady said that the gay crabs were bigger. We decided to buy one crab for Php170. Next, we went to the fish section and people approached and asked us what we're looking for. I said salmon. The guy showed us his salmon bellies and we bought one fourth kilo. We also bought half kilo of his shrimps, a total of Php340. Again, we didn't know if we chose the good catch. Fortunately, a woman, maybe in her thirties also checked out the salmon bellies of the exact place where we bought. I overheard her telling the vendor that his salmon were thin but very good and looks fresh. Ha! I'm so gooood. Next we went to the shell section and bought half kilo of mussels for Php40. I asked if they were fresh and the vendor said it was newly delivered. I had to trust him since I had no choice. Our groceries cost Php550 in all. Not bad, huh?

After shopping, we went to Trinity Restaurant. Upon entering, we surrendered our groceries and told them how each seafood should be cooked. We waited for around 15 minutes then our orders came. I didn't expect that all our orders would be enough to feed one family and there were only two of us. haha! Mabe we'll just take out the excess food, if there's any. ;)

 Shrimps in Sweet Chili Sauce

 Sinigang na Salmon

 Baked Mussels with Cheese

Crab in Spicy Chili Sauce

One bowl of rice.

 Overview before our table became a mess.

Everything was delicious and perfectly cooked. We didn't finish the shrimps, crab and the rice because we were so full. It felt like we dined in a buffet type of restaurant. The cooking charges were Php740 in all including our bottled water and bowl of rice. Groceries of Php550 + Cooking charges of Php 740 = Php 1290. Php1290 for four kinds of yummy seafood dishes. Yum! The waitress was kind enough to attend to our needs. She even placed a candle in our table which they don't usually do. Maybe they noticed that we're on a date. Sweet! Because of this very fun and delicious experience, we decided that every month, we'll be having seafood to celebrate this special occasion. We finally had our cravings satisfied. <3

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