Everyday Artisan Pizza at Project Pie | Bluebay Walk

Hey hey hey! It's PIZZA day!!! My favorite food on earth, yes! It was an unexpected visit with our friend Jes who was having her internship near Bluebay, the new foodie hangout place in Pasay City. This my first visit to Project Pie after all the invites that I ditched because of different reasons. Their branch in Bluebay Walk is huge and the interior's very artsy which I loved. The wall in one of the corners had famous quotes written which I enjoyed reading while finishing my pizza. 

Project Pie is a DIY type of restaurant but there's always something for people who's not up for DIY. Our friend Jes and I ordered one of the pizzas from their menu while Bry did his own pizza. We all had their delicious iced tea (Php65) which is unlimited. They also offer imported drinks. For DIY pizzas, you simply choose if you want a white or red based pizza and choose whatever toppings you like. We were surprised that Bry's DIY pizza was the yummiest among the the three pizzas that we ordered.

 Pizza #2 (Php285) - signature red sauce, pepperoni, mozzarella, italian sausage, garlic, crumbled meatballs.

 Pizza #6 (Php285) - Grilled chicken, sliced red onion, cilantro, mozzarella, gorgonzola, bbq sauce.

 Bry's DIY Pizza (Php285)

 Among the three pizzas, Bry's DIY pizza was the winner! His all meat pizza with BBQ sauce was just classic. The second was Jes's and the least was mine. huhu! Next time, I'll try to have the guts to make my own and won't depend on what's on the menu. After all, this is DIY type of restaurant so be sure to enjoy it. 

And for the last hit, we had a Strawberry Mango Nutella Pizza for dessert (Php195). Yes, a pizza for dessert. But this was no heavy pizza. It was actually light and refreshing, making it perfect to end our meal.

This is the perfect go to place if you want to grab a quick pizza while catching up with friends. Nothing much to say about the service since everything is self service. I did notice the crews though. They were all smiling and they greeted everyone who comes in the pizza place. Whenever there's an order, they do it efficiently and when there's no order, they make fun of each other which was really funny since I overheard some of their jokes. Looks like they really enjoy what they're doing and they have team work. Great job! We'll surely be back! <3

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