Buri Resort and Spa | A Hidden Sanctuary in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro

Finally! A weekend beach getaway in Puerto Galera, one of the most amazing bays in the world. Puerto Galera has always been on my bucket list since I always see it in articles naming the top weekend getaways near Manila. Also, because I've read that it's one of the best diving or snorkelling spots in the Philippines. Can't wait! We headed to Batangas Pier (2 hours) where we rode a boat going to Muelle Port (1 hour). From Muelle Port, we were picked up by the service boat provided by Buri Resort & Spa where we will be staying. Buri Resort & Spa is 10 minutes away from Muelle Port. We had lunch first at Pier Pub Pizza just in front of the docking station in Muelle before boarding the boat. Here we come...

We were welcomed by the friendly staff with calamansi punch and cold towel at the bar area named The Blue Bar. The calamansi punch was a great impression. We sort of had an orientation. The staff showed us where the restaurant was, we were also informed that the two pools were different from each other. The first one was more like a jacuzzi and the other one was a normal pool which was 10 feet deep. You should've seen Bry's face. haha! Afterwards, he lead us to our Pool Villa. Sweet or should I say sweat? Continue reading to find out...

We counted the steps leading to our villa and it was 160. Told yah! Whew! But the lush greeneries make up for it.

Here is our wonderful room with a cute private pool.

The pool villa is actually great for group of 4 or 5. It has a second floor and this is how it looks like...

Here's the beachfront of Buri Resort & Spa, the Dalaruan beach. The sands were not fine. It had sharp dead corals all over but still it's beautiful! This is also where the boat docks. Read about our Snorkelling and Island Hopping adventure to know more.

I usually do a research before going to a place. Sadly, I couldn't find a sunset picture from Dalaruan beach where Buri Resort and Spa is located. I just hoped for the best and this is what I got. Amazing GOLDEN sunset! Sorry but one photo's just not enough. <3<3<3

After watching the breathtaking sunset, we had dinner at ANIMASI, the one and only restaurant in Buri Resort and Spa. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks. Prices range from Php200 and Php500 per order.

All courses were great. I loved my basil chili chicken while Bry loved his grilled liempo. The mango crepe and brownie ala mode were both perfect to end our meal. I don't think you could find well presented yet great tasting food like these at any other place in Puerto Galera. Our dinner was a relaxing and romantic experience. There was a candle lantern on our table and our place was  overviewing the Dalaruan beach. 

After our sumptuous dinner, we went to the bar area. Instead of having alcoholic drinks before bed time, we opt for coffee and green tea. I was so full I badly needed the green tea or else I won't be able to breathe. haha!

Left: Mango Crepe with vanilla ice cream (Php200), Top: Grilled Liempo (Php320), Bottom: Basil Chili Chicken (Php420), Right: Brownie Ala Mode (Php195)

Going back to our villa, we found this leaf with a writing "Dreams are tiny seeds from which a beautiful tomorrowgrown. Good night Mr. Garcia and Ms. Valino" How sweeeeeet? <3 We had a good night sleep after watching Jack the Giant Slayer. The pillows were so comfy!

The next day, we were forced to leave the bed since we have to catch the boat going back to Muelle Port. We took a quick shower and went down for our complementary breakfast. I had bacon and eggs while Bry had Batangas longganisa. The longganisa was so great! I wish ordered the same. My bacon and eggs were good too, though. The bacons were so crispy and my eggs are well done. Yay! Our breakfast came with free juice and coffee or tea.

After breakfast, we had our last stroll around the resort. I felt so at home in this place even if we just stayed for such a short span of time. This is one hidden gem in Puerto Galera. Buri Resort and Spa has a very beautiful landscape. Look around and relax your eyes with greeneries. Deep into their huge pool and don't forget to walk at the disconnected path in the pool which makes you look like you're walking in water. Amazing, I know! The staff were all friendly and everyone treated us like VIPs. Our server Josh assisted us the whole night and he always volunteered to take our picture without us asking. They respond quickly to e-mails, sms and calls. Truly a remarkable experience! 

Here are our last set of pictures. I hope you enjoyed reading our wonderful experience at Buri Resort & Spa. Don't forget to try it yourself if you get a chance, you won't regret it.

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