Pier Pub Pizza & Restaurant | Muelle Port, Puerto Galera

We arrived at Muelle Port/Muelle Pier/Muelle Bay whatever you call it around lunch time. There were a lot of eateries and restaurants in front of the docking area. We searched for an easy and fast restaurant since our boat going to Buri might arrive anytime soon. Almost all restaurant serves rice meals and we thought that cooking viands might take a while. We saw Pier Pub Pizza and Restaurant. It says "pizza", know what I mean? haha! We immediately sat on one of their chairs over looking the bay and the boats docking. We ordered one medium Italian pizza. I expected it to have a lot of meat but our pizza was covered with only tuna flakes and cheese. It says on the menu that it has shrimp and garlic. I found none of it. Still, this is a pizza. You know how strong my love for pizza is, even though I was a bit disappointed, I still loved it. 

Pier Pub must be one of the places where guests flock during night time to have some drinks and just chill. The interior was cute having yellow and blue theme colours.

 While waiting for our pizza...

Tadaaaaa! Here's our Italian pizza! Doesn't look Italian, eh? More like tuna pizza. I love tuna. I love pizza. Therefore, I love this pizza. I just hope they didn't named it Italian pizza. hehe! The pizza was thin crust, crispy underneath but still nomnom on top! Price is a bit expensive for this kind of pizza. Php355 for one medium sized. Hello project pie! haha! This is okay if you're looking for somewhere to eat right after your boat docks at Muelle Port. Just don't expect too much! :)

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