Where to eat in Boracay?
D'Talipapa is a fish market in Boracay island, located in Station two near D'Mall. It's very easy to find, just tell the tricycle driver D'Talipapa and he knows where to drop you. You just can't simply leave Boracay without eating here! Seriously! Here in D'Talipapa, you will be the one to buy the seafood, bring it in your chosen restaurant (there are many choices and I assume that all of them are good since people of Boracay cook seafood as their specialty) around the fish market, have it weighed again by the restaurant and tell them how you like the seafood cooked. You can also ask for recommendations ;)
 Our mom and dad buying fresh seafood. They bought two kinds of fish, I forgot the names and I requested for mussels! yay!

We chose Natalia's Kusina to cook our seafood since it's the nearest restaurant from where we're buying our seafood plus I think they have the nicest interior.

 First dish served was Fish Sinigang. So yummy! It's a soup specialty by Filipinos, you may choose to have pork, beef or chicken but we chose fish.

 My favorite baked mussels with cheese and garlic. Not really the best but still I finished almost the whole plate. ;)

Grilled fish

D'Talipapa is a must try when in Boracay! Hope you enjoyed this post! Byeee!

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