Hi! Here's all the activities we did in Boracay as a family. I had fun reminiscing all of them. I can't help but smile whenever I look at these memorable photos. Let me share them with you...

 1. Picture taking - first activity we did when we arrived was...take LOTS and LOTS of pictures! The beach was so beautiful. The sand were so fine, the ripples of the sea were so photogenic, everywhere seem to be a nice back drop! Of course, we didn't miss to take a photo with the grotto or Willy's rock.

2. Swimming - The beach of Boracay was so inviting so we went for a deep in the afternoon and we always swim in the hotel pool every night. It's fun and free anyway!

3. Paraw Sunset Sailing - this was such a wonderful experience. My whole family loved it especially my parents. It's so relaxing...

Price we paid was Php1,200 plus tip

4. Simply watch the sunset - from the shore, we watched the sun as it goes down. Boracay is truly blessed to have one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

5. Flyfish - Ohhh! this is the most extreme activity we did as a family. If my parents were older than they are now, I won't suggest this activity as it's totally extreme but very fun! Chances are one of you will surely fall off the sea as the inflatable fly! That's why it's called flyfish. Like I did...but falling off the sea was the fun part! It didn't hurt and it's one of the memories that could easily make me smile...like right now. haha!

Price we paid: Php400pesos/person x 4 = Php1600 plus tip

6. Cliff Diving at Magic Island - A trip to Magic island was included in the island hopping tour so my brother and I decided to try something new, cliff diving for the first time. I finally ticked something off from my bucket list! YAY!

Price we paid: Php150/person

7. Island Hopping & Snorkelling - We allotted our second day in Boracay for island hopping and snorkelling. The boatmen showed us the Crocodile island, an island that looked like a crocodile from afar. Then we went inside the Magic island with an entrance fee of Php150/person, this is where we did cliff diving. We also saw Crystal Cove only from the outside. Afterwards, the boatmen stopped in a beach where people go for snorkelling and we joined them. We had a long boat ride going to Puka beach. The beach was so beautiful and peaceful! I wish we stayed longer. You can have lunch in Puka beach, there are many options including a buffet for an affordable price. I saw a lot of tourists just relaxing in Puka beach since it's not crowded. Along the way back to our hotel, the boatman showed us Manny Pacquiao's hotel. It was adorable and unique. I think it's named Westcove Boracay. The boatmen dropped us somewhere in Diniwid beach then we walked all the way to Station 1. The path was surprisingly beautiful!

Price we paid: 1,800 for private boat, whole day with two boatmen as guides
Other fees: 300 (Magic Island entrance fee for 2) + 80 (Snorkelling gears for 4) + 120 (6 coconut juice) + tip for the two boatmen

7. Watch the fire dancers - fire dancers can be found in Station 2 once its already dark. They are so entertaining to watch. Very talented dancers!

8. Souvenir shopping at D'Mall - the only mall in the island. It has everything you need so no need to worry if you forgot something. Name it D'mall has it!

9. Hair Braid & Henna Tattoo - My brother and I had a henna tattoo. Mine costs Php150 and his was Php200. I also had may hair braided for Php150, half only. I felt such a tourist of my own country after having my hair braided. lol! We also wanted to try their affordable massage by the beach but we had no time left soooo next time! :)

10. Fooood trip - seafood in Boracay is so cheap and delicious so we took advantage of it! We tried two seasons' restaurant named bar Lo, Jonah's famous milkshake, Real Coffee's famous calamansi muffins, Gasthof grill restaurant, Tito's and D'talipapa. We ordered one box of Two Seasons' famous four cheese pizza upon checkin out. What a great way to end a vacay! YUMM!

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